We are dedicated to providing quality reports that reflect accurate site soil conditions and specific project design criteria.  In this way, we can provide our clients cost-saving solutions that are based on sufficient data and accurate analysis and not overly conservative.  A complete and detailed geotechnical engineering investigation is the basis for cost savings in foundation design, site preparation, and building construction.

SEE’s has also been requested by owners and design consultants to review many soil reports. After re-evaluating the site information and design parameters, SEE’s has provided alternative solutions with documented savings on many projects.

SEE’S personnel have extensive experience in performing geotechnical engineering investigations for a variety of large and small projects for residential, commercial, industrial, and governmental clients. Projects have included various different structures and facilities in various soil conditions.

Our personnel are trained in field engineering such as soil and rock sampling, and logging of soil profiles; office engineering including log review, laboratory soil testing, engineering analyses, and report preparation; and construction observation including pier drilling observation, footing excavation observation, and earthwork observation.

Other Geotechnical Engineering Services provided by SEE’S include:

  • Foundation engineering
  • Retaining structure analyses
  • Slope stability analyses
  • Soil stabilization design
  • Pavement design
  • Site improvement methods